A new iteration of my Ebb Tide I GEOLITHIC cabinet was completed in May of this year. This striking, deeply carved console was constructed in White Oak and features a bleached finish following the wishes of the client. This combination of wood and finish is clean and joyful, almost airy. Imagine this gleaming leviathan against a dark background! The dimensions of the piece are 108” wide, 22” high and 30” high, standing on a 4” wood, plinth base. Learn more about Geolithic Cabinets by clicking here.

Geolithic in Nature

This is only the latest realization of my Geolithic Carving style which I have applied to numerous and varied pieces of furniture and architectural elements throughout my career. While deep carving in furniture and architecture has been used for centuries, Geolithic Carving is a term I have coined to describe my own application of this technique. The motifs suggest the sculptural action of water flowing over rock for eons, and the bewildering variety of organic shapes it produces. Learn more about the philosophy and evolution of Geolithic Carving by clicking here.

Geolithic Cabinets & Shelving

The Variations Wall System is an early application of the Geolithic Carving style. This wall system consists of modular combinations of wall-hung cabinets and shelves. Individually mounted, the units can be grouped in the arrangement of your choice. Combine with other art or decorations to provide a stunning focal point. Or, combine with plants to highlight the organic lines of the carving.

The featured photo shows a particular composition of one cabinet and three shelves. However, true to its name, the system offers many other possible variations, including already designed cabinets and shelves in the full system or custom designed sizes, functions and carving motifs fashioned to your taste. Learn more about the Variations Wall System by clicking here.

Geolithic Architectural

The Secret Garden Room Divider shows Geolithic Carving applied to a room divider/screen. This architectural element creates a niche in the corner of a master bedroom. There is a continuous desk/vanity surface which wraps around the inside of the divider and adjoining wall, creating a u-shaped work surface. In the featured photo, you can see the outside of the room divider with a carved bench to the left. The deep and fluid carving can be found on all surfaces of the wall and brings a calming presence of nature to a New York City apartment. Learn more about the application of Geolithic Carving to architectural units by clicking here.

Geolithic Tables

Geolithic Carving can be just as effective on smaller pieces of furniture as it is on cabinets or architectural units. Consider the Caldera Table which was a collaboration between myself and Brenda Houston, a collector and dealer in agate stone. Each table with an agate stone is unique, and the carving is suggested by the lines and colors of the stone used. The carving provides visual interest, while the intermediate surfaces provide space for your cups, plates and flower arrangements. The marriage of function and natural form is at the heart of Geolithic Carving. Learn more about the application of Geolithic Carving to tables by clicking here.

Looking ahead through a Geolithic Lens

Geolithic carving is not limited to any specific piece of furniture or architectural surface. While the previously highlighted pieces illustrate a primarily residential use, this technique could be used for any number of commercial purposes. Imagine a large accent wall in a lobby or atrium, or the play of light and shadow on a desk front or kiosk. The earth is the model. The sky – the limit.

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