Dimensions: Individual units are as follows:

  1. A bar (left side of photo), “Allegro” carving motif, 36″ wide, 16″ high, 16” deep.
  2. A general purpose cabinet (center of photo), “Crescendo” carving motif, 36″ wide, 42″ high, 12” deep.
  3. A desk (right side of photo), “Counterpoint” carving motif, 42″ wide, 14” high, 14″ deep.
  4. Shelves, each carved in a different motif, measure 16″,20″,36″ and 42″ wide, all 4″ high and 12″ deep.

Materials: African Mozambique and White Oak
Date: Completed for show in 1977. Subsequent commissions executed.
Description: A wall system consisting of modular combinations of wall-hung cabinets and shelves. Individually mounted, the units can be grouped in any arrangement on a wall and can be combined with paintings, sculpture or other objects or decorations. Dovetail cabinet construction. All units are carved on the front and both sides.

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