Most of my work these days is by commission. I do not keep an inventory of work available for sale. I have designed so many individual pieces and variations since 1967 that it would be impossible to warehouse them all. Besides I like to keep moving into new territory – exploring fresh ideas, designing new work and solving different problems.

Talking to potential customers at a show - 2010

I maintain a vast inventory of photographs of everything I have made. Many of these photos are on this website in the My Work section. I have many more in my own files. If you are interested in buying a piece of my work or are thinking about it but have not made up your mind, here are a few simple steps you can take.

Check the photos

on this website that are closest to the kind of furniture you are interested in to see if I have already designed something similar to what you have in mind. The photos are accompanied by descriptions.

Mirror-console for a client in NYC

Get in touch

by phone, letter or email (Get in Touch) to ask any questions you may have that are not answered on the website. If you don’t see what you want on this site, I may have other photos which match your needs more closely. Please call, write or email me (Get in Touch) to inquire.

Carved door and window frames for a Tiffany glass collector in New Jersey

Let's Talk

about what you want. The photos will help to define what you’re looking for or what you are not. But that’s only the beginning. You may have sketches or photos to illustrate your idea. You may have questions about woods, timetables or the budget. If you’re a designer, you may have very specific requirements. No problem. Although generally I do not produce other peoples’ designs, there have been exceptions when I am really intrigued by your concept. Or we can adapt it to my style. I put no time limits on this initial dialogue because it is the only way we can find out if we can work together. Even a site visit at no cost to you is on the table if it can be worked out at our mutual convenience. However one important step in the beginning is to establish a rough budget for the project. It would be unfair to you to project schemes which are beyond what you can afford to pay. It would be unfair to me to spend time on an idea that is economically unfeasible. The budget limit is either articulated by you based upon your financial position or by me with reference to previous projects which are similar to yours. This budget can change as we get into the design. But it tells us that it’s OK to go ahead.

Art Nouveau cabinet for a client in Boston

Wholesale / Retail?

One requirement that I have is to honor relationships with my galleries. Generally they represent me in all sales. If you saw my work in one of their showrooms or websites, the sale will ultimately go through them. That doesn’t mean we can’t talk. Sometimes the technical or subjective issues are best handled directly between user and maker. However there will be no monetary advantage because the price will be the same whether the purchase goes through me or a gallery. In either case a standard trade discount of 15% will also be offered to designers.

My sales representatives

Macklowe Logo


When we have nailed down an idea and I know what you want, we step into the design phase. This phase is outlined below.

      1. Design fee At this point we also enter into a business relationship because I will incur serious professional time. This is expressed in terms of a design fee, usually $1,000 (sometimes larger on big projects).
      2. Sketches For this fee I agree to produce sketches of your idea until you are happy with the design. There may be numerous modifications during this process. This period obviously may include more phone, email or face to face consultation to work out issues raised by the sketches. The initial design fee covers them all. If my design time exceeds this fee, it will be covered in the project budget after you approve the design and the quote. The design process is described in more detail in MY STORY: How It’s Made.
Early sketches of the Gyro Table for the Park Hyatt NY


Along with the final sketches, I will provide a quote for the implementation of the project. I will also estimate a timetable for its completion. The quote will not include shipping of the piece to you because it is too early to tell how that will be done. However, if you wish, I can provide a quote for transportation. I generally do not deliver completed work myself because there are more competent art movers and my time is better used at what I do best.

Final rendering of Aphrodite II in situ


When all the foregoing has been approved by y ou, I submit a payment schedule which is usually broken down into two installments: 50% upon commencement of work and 50% upon completion and prior to shipping. On large projects these instalments may be divided into three or even four payments. At any time during the construction of your piece, you may visit my studio to see it being built. Normally I send you photos of the work as it moves along so you can enjoy viewing the work in progress. Please visit MY WORK: “How It’s Made” if you are curious about the nuts and bolts of fabrication.


As mentioned above, I prefer professional art movers to deliver my work because they are competent, careful, well equipped and properly insured. However if the circumstances dictate I will deliver. I will also install the work if I am the best person to do so or will be present to supervise installation. The overriding consideration is that your piece arrives safe and sound for you to enjoy it.


Just delivered! Me with a happy customer

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