Dimensions: large wall: 87” wide, 66” high, 3.5” thick
small wall: 60” wide, 66” high, 3.5” thick
bench (outside): 54” wide (seat), 18” high, 20” deep
desk/vanity (inside): 161” wide (both units), 29” high, 14-22” deep

Materials: American Black Walnut

Date: Completed as a private commission in 2014

Description: A carved room divider/screen creating a niche in a corner of the master bedroom. The piece illustrates the application of Geolithic (deep, fluid) carving to an architectural feature. The niche serves as a home office and dressing room. It is constructed of eight, separate panels which are assembled seamlessly on site.

On the inside there is a continuous desk/vanity surface which wraps around the inside of the divider and adjoining wall, creating a u-shaped work surface. Under the work surface are 11 drawers and one secret compartment. Four of the drawers are specially outfitted with felt-lined pocket holes and removable trays for jewelry. A mirror is incorporated into the room-divider. Several small shelves and one small opening are also carved into the room divider wall surfaces.

On the outside facing the bed, a carved bench is built into the room divider.

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