Top: 44″ wide, 127″ (10’7″) long, 1 58″ thick
Top extends to 151″ (12’7″) long
Pedestal: 97″ long, 18″ deep, 28 3/8″ high
Total table height: 30″

Materials: African Mozambique

Date: Completed in 2019 as a commission through a designer

Description: This gargantuan dining table, commissioned by a New York City designer for a client’s great room, weights 712 lbs, and sits 12 people when fully extended. The massive, serpentine pedestal, carved in one, uninterrupted piece, writes like a giant snake underneath the top. At 200 lbs, the pedestal is heavy enough to support the cantilever of the top when extended, making the typical extension of base itself when unnecessary. The edges of the top are carved in a free form manner in order to impart a feeling of delicacy to the heavy top. The auxiliary leaves store in a specially built carrying case to prevent warpage when not in use. The table breaks down into 7 major components for transportation: the two major leaves of the top, the pedestal, two extension leaves (plus their carrying case) and the boxed, slide mechanism.

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