Doors: 54″ wide (both), 79″ high, 1.75″ deep

Window: 29″ wide, 59″ high, 4″ deep

Materials: African Mozambique, stained, leaded glass – (supplied by client)

Date: Completed in 1983 as a commission.

Description: These two carved, wood frames, each housing a very rare and valuable piece of Tiffany stained glass, were made for a collector and dealer in that genre in New Jersey. The window framed a priceless, one-of-a-kind example of the master’s work, entitled “Deep Sea”, purported to be made by Louis Comford Tiffany himself. The glass was built from many layers of different colors which reflect natural light in indescribable hues. The wood frame had to be carved around the irregular edges and thicknesses of the glass and lead. The window and the French doors led to a porch and the exterior light filtered through the glass, displaying Tiffany’s genius. The carving on the frames is reminiscent of “Geolithic Carving” debuted by me in Directional Furniture in New York City in 1972. Inspired by the action of water on rock over billions of years, Geolithic Carving is in harmony with the Art Nouveau origins of Tiffany glass.

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