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Michael Coffey has been creating sculptural furniture for over 50 years. Over this time he has organized two woodworking schools and trained many apprentices in his specialized techniques. With a steadily increasing demand for his work, it became necessary to formalize a permanent team. Thus was born the Michael Coffey Sculptor Studio LLC. The members of this team are an exceptional group of highly skilled artists who have worked alongside Michael for many years. We thought you might enjoy meeting them.

The Woodworkers


Mason Rapaport: Mason began working with Michael in 1991. Based upon his extensive background in woodworking, his training in the specialized techniques used by Michael, and his passion for precision, he has become the major builder of the Studio’s furniture. Mason apprenticed with Baulines Craft Guild in Northern California. His specialties include building furniture with curved elements, stack lamination, computer models, CNC work, and making prototypes of all kinds. Mason says “I especially enjoy the unique design and execution of complicated pieces”. Working closely with Michael for many years has given him the opportunity to do just that.

Riley Fuller: Riley began woodworking in 1999 and learned his early skills working with a custom cabinet maker. He began experimenting with stack lamination and carving on his own, and he frequently asked his uncle Michael to critique his creations. Riley’s talent and potential as a carver were obvious and he was invited into an apprenticeship with Michael beginning in 2015. The apprenticeship has concentrated upon all the specialized carving techniques developed by Michael over a period of 50+ years. Since the beginning of his career Riley has worked off and on in the building industry and is also talented in all aspects of carpentry, including home remodeling, framing, trim work, cabinets, and custom built-ins. He is a juried member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen.


Brian Mulcahy: Starting in 1998, Brian first trained in woodworking with Volz & Clarke Associates, a high end architectural woodworking firm in Easthampton, Mass. He graduated from the North Bennet Street School of Cabinet and Furniture Making in Boston In 2004, Brian began working alongside Michael in 2019 training in his specialized carving techniques. He is a teacher at the New England School of Architectural Woodwork (NESAW), and created the curriculum for the workshop program “The Workbench”. Because of Brian’s wide background, he is skilled at all aspects of Michael Coffey creations including building, finishing and installation. Currently, Brian is also using his skills to lovingly restore his 1700 family farm house and create an organic blueberry farm in Holyoke, MA.

Support Staff

Dodie Gaudet: Dodie is the Treasurer for Michael Coffey Sculptor Studio LLC. She maintains the financial records, files the annual report with the state, compiles information for income taxes, signs checks, and keeps the books balanced. Dodie has a Master of Science in Library Science degree and 50+ years of cataloging in academic, public school, and special libraries. As Michael’s wife, Dodie has lived with his art for the past 32 years and knows all aspects of his business better than anyone except him.


Linda Coffey: Michael’s daughter grew up seeing rough hewn pieces of wood transform into smooth curvaceous forms that she says “were like members of our family”. Though not a woodworker, she developed an appreciation for masterly crafted fine wood furniture and a love of the smell of fresh sawdust. Seeing her father’s work evolve over many years, she has an intimate understanding of his process, his commitment to impeccable quality, and the scope of his work. Linda says “It has been my great honor to now work with my father in his ‘front of the store’ operations, and in coordinating the transition of a new piece from sketch pad to work bench to your home. I love interacting with others who are also enthralled with Michael’s work and facilitating the purchase of a loved piece of art.”

Please reach out to Linda through the “Get in Touch” page if you have an inquiry about a piece, and she will be happy to assist you through the process.

Matthew Hewes: Matt is the Archivist for the Michael Coffey Sculptor Studio LLC. With a Master of Library and Information Science degree, his professional and practical experience with record-keeping and information organization has been an invaluable contribution. Adept at Photoshop, he manages the extensive photographic collection of the Studio. He keeps the website up to date. His skills at digital technology and information organization keep a tight rein on the records of the Studio. One of Matt’s important projects for the Studio has been organizing an extensive archive of Michael’s work, to help carry us forward into the future.


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